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Majority of the people World over need jobs. The jobs can be classified based on qualification/skills, job time, job duration etc. There are skilled and unskilled jobs. Then there are part time, full time and contract jobs There are different type of jobs available based on qualification/skills. Some require physical work whereas some require mental calibre. Whatever may be the need we at manyogjobs portal endeavor to bring the employees to the employer and vice versa.

Whether you are an employer/recruiting professional or an employee we are here to assist.

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Indian Government Jobs

INDIAN GOVERNMENT JOBS General A government job is the most desired job amongst the Indian community owing to status, power, position, job security and the innumerable facilities that comes with it. To attract the brightest and the best motivated talent for Indian Government Jobs a number of examinations are conducted by the Government through its

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Indian Air Force Logo

Career in Indian Air Force

CAREER IN THE INDIAN AIR FORCE Working in the Indian Air Force is about being in the middle of supersonic jets, state-of-the-art technology and best of the people. You are where the action is. Air Force provides you with the most modern facilities, gives you an unparalleled way of life and creates an environment, where

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Indian Navy Crest

Commissioned Officer in Indian Navy

CAREER AS A COMMISSIONED OFFICER IN INDIAN NAVY In today’s world there are so many career possibilities for you to choose from. You may select from high visibility, rapid growth jobs in banking, computers, corporate management, civil services etc. But if you need a challenge – a job that grows with you and provides variety

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