About Manyog

Manyog Consultants Private Limited (MCPL) was founded in the year 2013 with its registered office at Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Created to ease the life of the people by providing composite services under one platform in all aspects and spheres, the Company aims to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

MCPL combines best practices of networking, with a minimum of corporate structure to provide customized solutions. It offers a platform for individual/ companies to network and market their expertise through its initiatives. MCPL supports its business clients to optimize their market situation and also in their expanding efforts. Manyog Consultants believe in the power of a human being to affect the results and make everything possible.

With the foresight to seize the opportunities in the services sector, the Company is offering many legitimate services to its customers conveniently on their door step at the click of a mouse or a phone call. This has been possible due to the the wide expanding network of selected, highly skilled and experienced professionals with proven expertise.

Remaining reliable, efficient and at the forefront of technology, MCPL’s commitment and customer-first approach allows it to better understand and provide for its customers’ diverse needs and wants, and deliver consistently.

‘Manyog’ is the registered trademark of the company.

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Our Vision

Provide customized composite service solutions all over the World and help people earn a decent livelihood by marketing/ utilizing their skills/ expertise.

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive, convenient, best value for money, quality consultancy on a single platform on all aspects and in all spheres across the globe.

Our Objectives

● Customized flawless service solutions to our clients

● Building a stable and effective network between service providers and clients

● Serve as a launch pad for various projects for growth and development of the society

● Give our customers the best value for money through a transparent and speedy network

● Maximize the returns on the investments of our clients.

Values We Cherish

The Company treads the path of great values and business ethics which includes, but not limited to integrity, transparency, leading change, excellence, quality, respect for all, learning and sharing.

Our Strengths

Our pillar of strengths are Vast and Varied Experience, Wide Network of Professionals, Commitment to Quality, Reliable and Quality Advice, Attention to Details, Team Approach and Tailor made Management Solutions.

We are Amenable

The Company is committed to improve its various processes in line with technological advancement and welcomes suggestions for its betterment. You can write to us using the Contact Form or mail your comments at support@manyog.com.

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