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It is our endeavor to simplify the task of Job candidates selection easy and less time consuming for the Employers and the Job consultants. We compile and offer the numerous job resumes in our system to various recruiters to make them make perfect selection for the job profile.

You are into hiring and are so busy at work you barely have time to blink. Then, suddenly you are told to fill a job vacancy right now. You copy and paste a job posting and send it out to your advertisers, ending up with a foot-high stack of resumes taunting you from the corner of your desk. Maybe someone highly qualified persons resume is buried there. Maybe not. You resign yourself to spending your precious day sorting through the pile. But what if there existed a pool of highly qualified people to pick from for the next time you need to hire someone?

This is where Manyogjobs comes in. We offer you a ready reservoir of resumes to ease your efforts.

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The resumes of job candidates in our system are as under. Please view them to make your selection.

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It is our endeavor to improve our services to provide the best experience to our valued users. If you do not find the right resume, please intimate us as we may have more resumes at our offices waiting scrutiny and approval.  Please intimate through the Contact Form using the subject line- ‘Resume Not Found‘. You may also  intimate us by sending a mail at

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We welcome association with various recruiters and employers and are open to mutually beneficial collaborations. Please contact us through the Contact Form using the subject line- ‘Association‘. You may also  intimate us by sending a mail at

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