Career Guidance

Career Guidance is a gift of modern technology to the new generation. Unlike old days when there were very few options available to the students, today there are a number of good lucrative career options that are available to the students. However, the current level of media exposure leaves a lot of students thoroughly confused. Most of these students and their parents do not know how to take the crucial decision of career selection. It is here that Career Guidance comes to the help of the students and parents. The students and their parents must approach good and credible Career Counselors for this task.

How Career Guidance can help?

Career Counselling can help young generation and their parents find those courses or careers where they can really excel and be extra-ordinary performers. To avoid the young generation being career misfits, counselors find out the real Inherent talent of the student by making them take Career Aptitude Test. Using the results of the test, the Career Counselors give guidance to the students about their future course of action. They help you to do the following:-

  • Choose the right stream.
  • Choose the right course after 12th.
  • Plan your career, like if you don’t make it to you first course choice, what is the alternative path.
  • Choose the right career as the course after 12th can lead to many types of careers.

Advantages of Online Career Guidance

Career Guidance provides the advantage of making highly credible career counselors accessible to all the students and parents without the limitation of geography. The distinct advantages of Online Career Guidance is as under:-

  •  Allows a student to take the Aptitude Test from the place of his/her own choice. No need to travel to another city or town for taking Career Assessment Test. Only requirement is a good workable internet connection.
  • The results are usually in the form of Comprehensive report that lists the students Aptitude Profile and Personality Profile as well as provide the recommendation for future Career Path.

Career Guidance Articles

We have compiled some good articles on what the Career in various fields evolve. Please use them to gain knowledge about them. You can access the relevant information by clicking on the relevant link.

We are in the process of adding more content as is relevant. In case, you were looking for a particular Career field and did not find it listed, please let us know so that we can make that available. Please contact us using the Contact form with the subject – “Request for Career Guidance“.

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