Career Counseling for School Students

Career Counseling is very important to choose the right career for a child. A very common question posed to the kids is “What do you want to become when you grow up”. Kids have plenty of ideas and dreams as to what they want to become when they grow up. This choice is basically based on what the children see/ observe and fascinates them. While one may want to be a pilot, another may want to build houses, yet another may want to fight for his/her motherland. This career choice undergoes a change as the child grows. The career choice finally zeroes down to academics. Depending on how well a child studies and scores, the career options get decided. Typically, for the most intelligent or the brainy lot it is invariably professional courses, for the not so good it is generally commerce and for the academically weak it is the arts stream.With the evolving of new concepts and technology the Career options available have increased and there are many new interesting career options being available to one and all. To get the best of what the world has to offer Career counseling is recommended.
Career Counseling

Career counseling should start when a student enters class 9 or 10. The schools or parents should seek the help of professional career counselors for their children at this stage. These Career Counselors make us of various scientific techniques and domain knowledge to test the aptitude of the children. Some of the benefits that accrues to the students who are counseled in school are discussed in succeeding paragraphs.

  1. Identification of a Person’s True Potential Deciding on a career path is a difficult task for many students.  Career counseling helps the students identify their strengths and weaknesses and the area of interest, which in turn can help them in choosing the right career option later in life.
  2.  Knowledge About Various Career Options Available The Career options have increased for the students and a Counselor can give them a clear picture of what options are available for them to choose from.
  3. Clarity in Decision Counseling helps the students to make clear decisions about their future. It gives them a chance to explore the new domains, which sometimes are not considered favorable for students. e.g, children of doctor parents are required to become doctors or children of Chartered Accountant (CA) are required to be CA. Counseling gives students a chance to look at what interests them, rather than following a career path blindly.
  4. Clears Confusion  Students are clouded with the options to choose to achieve their career goals. Counseling helps them in clearing the confusion and guiding them towards the right path for the said career goal.

Career Counseling helps provide knowledge and clear any kind of confusion and wrong ideas which a student might have about a particular career option. The educational qualifications provide a platform which lets you embark onto the desired roles and hence guidance for that too is quite necessary along with proper coaching as the course and the institution which offers the course is to be evaluated based on various factors. Globalization has brought with it many career choices which are otherwise not considered by anyone. For example: beautician, decorators, landscapers, florists, wedding planner, event managers, choreographers, graphic designers etc. are some of the new areas of career choices which have come up in the past few years. These new career avenues bring in good revenue and also fame. website produces and provide such Career Guidance. You may access information that is prepared with great care and effort with inputs from most trusted sources so as to enable you to make the right choices. The Career guidance related queries may be posted for expert views using the Contact page on the website or  mailed at