Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a combination of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering for applied engineering. It is primarily an engineering course, combining the electronics part for sensing with instrumentation engineering. The course has been introduced in many universities across India. The primary focus of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is the development and implementation of electrical and electronic instruments for the purpose of measuring, monitoring, and recording physical phenomena. It deals with designing and development of instruments and devices that can measure, control, regulate and record data involved in various industrial processes. Major Power plants, refineries, compressor stations, and several other manufacturing plants and research institutions need well equipped manpower with good understanding of modern equipments used in the industry. This branch of engineering finds application in robotics, chemical engineering, rolling mills, process control and many such engineering disciplines.

Instruments developed by instrumentation engineers include analog, digital, and mixed signal electronic devices, seismic sensors, blood glucose sensors, fire detectors, and ampere meters. Major users of these instruments include industries that rely on automated processes, such as chemical and manufacturing plants. They depend on these devices for safety, and for improving productivity and reliability.

A degree in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, is a popular academic choice amongst students in India. The degree program is a four year course. The minimum eligibility for the degree is an intermediate (10 + 2) in science subject such as physics, maths and chemistry.

Job Prospects

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering opens up great career prospects for the students. The students after completion of their degree program can easily avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and service organizations such as broadcasting, consulting, data communication, entertainment, research and development; and system support. There are numerous higher study options and also several certification courses available in this field that will enable them to get engaged in a variety of job profiles. By pursuing higher studies in this  field, the candidates gain extensive knowledge and are well sought in variety of jobs. The qualified students are in great demand in foreign countries as well.

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