Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering, also referred as building engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Architectural engineering combines the principles of design and engineering to create usable buildings. Like all engineers, architectural engineers apply math and science to problem solving. They often work on-site with a team of other engineers, architects and construction workers. Architectural engineers must complete academic and professional requirements to become fully licensed.

An architectural engineer is not an architect, but she or he works closely with them and others involved in building construction. Architectural engineers lend their expertise to the construction of a building by making sure that the actual design and construction of a structure mirror the architectural drawings. These professionals use engineering techniques to construct, renovate and maintain commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. They are also responsible for overseeing the lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning elements of a construction, as well as electrical work and structural construction.

Professional architectural engineers should be able to communicate well and be detail oriented, analytical and creative. A career as an architectural engineer begins with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or architectural engineering and a state license as a professional engineer.

After graduation and licensure, they find employment in architectural and engineering firms, governmental offices, corporations and construction companies. The duties could involve designing buildings that are resistant to natural disasters or developing sustainable energy systems for homes and commercial buildings.

An architectural engineer must remain knowledgeable and competitive by enrolling in continuing education courses and attending workshops and seminars. He could consider earning a postgraduate degree in the field. Programs available include the Master of Architectural Engineering (MAE), Master of Science (MS) in Architectural Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Architectural Engineering. MS and PhD programs are typically research-oriented and require a thesis or dissertation.

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