Government jobs are the most desired jobs amongst the Indian community owing to status, power, position, job security and the innumerable facilities that comes with it. To attract the brightest and the best motivated talent a number of examinations are conducted by the Indian Government through its central recruitment agency – Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) or other Departmental channels. The Government jobs are of many types depending on the government requirements. There are different examinations conducted for these government jobs. The job requirement, job content, perks and privileges vary across the wide spectrum of government jobs.

Types of Government Jobs

Various Government service jobs are listed below for general information of the aspiring candidates:-

         (a) Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group ‘A’

         (b) Indian Railway Accounts Service, Group ‘A’

         (c) Indian Railway Personnel Service, Group ‘A’

         (d) Post of Assistant Security Officer, Group ‘A’, Railway Protection Force

  • Indian Defence Estates Service, Group ‘A’
  • Indian Information Service (Junior Grade), Group ‘A’
  • Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’ (Grade-III)
  • Indian Corporate Law Service, Group ‘A’
  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Group ‘B’ (Section Officer’s Grade)
  • Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu and, Dadra and Nagar Haveli Police Service, Group ‘B’
  • Pondicherry Civil Service, Group ‘B’
  • Pondicherry Police Service, Group ‘B’
  • Indian Forest Service
  • Indian Economic Service
  • Indian Engineering Service
  • Geological Survey of India

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