Sports Career

Sports Career offers a variety of job options for the sports enthusiasts. It not only includes the sports persons but other non-sports persons too. Many universities and colleges offers various sports related courses which range from on the field to off the field. The job options include sports psychologists, nutritionists, journalists, commentators, researchers, sports goods manufacturing company, event and leisure management, consulting, client counseling and scientific research, and so on.


Sports Management

Sports Management is a perfect choice for those who have keen interest in sports, though they may not be an expert sports person. Sports management involves management of sports talent, sporting events, bringing in sponsorships for the sports, media publicity, handling sports promotion, sports research and data collection, strategic decision making to protect and promote the sports interests including players. There has been an upward trend in jobs with sports management companies, sports channels and sports divisions of advertising and media buying firms. These days high tech information technology is used for collection of numerical data and technical details, extensive video editing for study of all facets of a sports person’s game and chart out the right course.

Sports Promotion

Sports Promotion is of prime importance to draw funds for organisation of large sports events. It involves marketing to attract sponsors. Also it is important to build interest among the people to get the people to buy tickets to attend the event.

Protecting the interest of Sportspersons and Celebrities

Protecting the interest of Sportspersons and Celebrities management is a major task and requires huge funds, necessary financial and taxation expertise, analytical ability to work out feasibility and its economic impact studies for various business decisions.   The management of  the various funds broadly involves the following:-

  • Procuring endorsements of products and services
  • Organising Entertainment Events
  • Product Advertisements

Eligibility and Training

Knowledge and interest in sports is a key factor for a successful career in this field. It requires no formal training. A graduation degree with a passion for sports, ability to generate business and a sharp mathematical mind will assist desired candidates to make a successful impact in this field. A specialist course an MBA in sports management can further assist in the job. Presently Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (Affiliated to University of Delhi), Vikaspuri, New Delhi offer year long courses in this field.

Sports Coaches

Each game and athletic event requires Sports Coaches. A Sports Coach selects potential players, works with them, design a training schedule to help sports persons achieve their full potential. The work requires evaluation to determine the player’s abilities followed by imparting of skillful training and work techniques. The experience and knowledge of the sport by the Coach is very important factor in training a sports person. Trained coaches, physical fitness instructors, referees are invariably in great demand for all sports establishments and events.

Eligibility and Training

It is possible to become a Sports Coach directly after Class XII incase you have studied Physical Education as  one of your subjects. There is Diploma in Coaching in different Sports Disciplines for graduates proficient in some sports at national or international level and Bachelor in Physical Education for other students. Sports Authority of India also conducts Diploma in Sports Coaching commencing in  July at its training centers at Patiala, bangalore, Kolkata and Thiruvananthapuram. The other institutes imparting courses are The national Institute of Sports at Patiala, Laxmibai National College of Physical Education at Gwalior and Thiruvananthapuram, and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Delhi.

Sports Medicine Doctors

Sports Medicine plays an important role in prevention and treatment of sports related injuries. It helps sports persons to maintain good health and perform better. The sports medicines help in improving movement and performance in sports persons. Sports medicine is administered through an interdisciplinary team of professionals which include physicians, their support staff and physical therapists. The Sports doctors diagnose, prescribe medicine and and treat sports patients. They also perform surgeries on sports persons. There are various types of specialist sports doctors such as physiotherapists, Kinesiotherapist, Osteopathic, Nutritionists, Psychologists  etc. The Osteopathic doctors diagnose and treat patients holistically focussing on musculoskeletal system. The Kinesiotherapist use kinesthetic (Exercise) science to treat the sports patients. The kinesthetic science is the study of movement and the associated functional responses and adaptations. it ranges from the study of how organ systems work at the cellular level when confronted with disease to improving the biomechanical efficiency of a sports person.  The sports psychologist looks after a wide range of activities related to sports education and performance. It involves motivating the player to bring out the best in him.The team works together to understand and ultimately improve the health and performance of the sports person.

Eligibility and Training

A career in Sports Medicine requires an MBBS with Post Graduate specialisation in Sports Medicine/ Orthopedic/ Osteopathic medicine. There are different specialist programs for Kinesiotherapists and physiotherapists.