Examination Cracking Tricks

Examination Cracking Tricks

Examination Cracking Tricks

The time of competitive exams is around the corner and we know you are doing all you can to crack these exams. These exams are designed to check your knowledge in particular sections. In this post we have tried to give you some important tips to crack any competitive exam, be it SSC, IBPS, Insurance, NDA, etc.

Plan Smartly – Once you have made up your mind to prepare for a competitive exam or to enter a particular sector, the most important thing is to plan your way. Get a rough idea when these exams are conducted in a given year and calculate how much time is with you for your preparation.

In all the competitive exam what is required essentially is your presence of mind. Studying till the last moment will only lead to stress and exhaustion. Before formulating your preparation strategy, chalk out the syllabus and measure your comfort level in individual section. Suppose you feel you are not good in reasoning or essay writing, divide your time table according to it and give extra time to these.

Make a list – Once you have a sense of the syllabus, make a list of the books or study material you would be requiring for the exam. Study material for the areas like Verbal Abilities, Math and English should be collected.

Break-up of time – Make a daily time table and do not forget to include your recreational activities in it. Also try to shuffle the subjects so that you do not get bored. You should try studying for at least 4 hours a day. Take time out for reading newspaper daily. 30 minutes for this would be sufficient, this will certainly help you prepare for your general awareness section.

Prepare notes – Whatever you study, try maintaining a notebook for it. Go through this notebook at the time of revision.

Set a finishing date – Set a finish date on your mobile, calendar or put it on your table. By this date you should finish learning new concepts. It is important that you stick to this date. After this you can start applying what you have learnt and see your performance by giving mock tests, practice previous year papers etc.

Quantitative Aptitude – Quantitative Aptitude should be given utmost importance at the time of preparation. Try practicing questions daily. Go through the concepts first and then solve problems. Make a note of important formulas, theories and corollaries. You should be thorough with tables, square roots and cube roots to do calculations quickly. Quantitative questions are not difficult to solve, all you need is practice and speed to excel in this section.

Enrich your Vocabulary – Improving your vocabulary will help you a great deal in your English section. Questions on Synonyms, Antonyms and One word substitution will become an easy nut to crack. This is the part which is not given due importance by students. Having a good vocabulary will do you no harm instead it will also help you in your Group Discussion and Interview round (only if you wish to sweep others by your command on language and some flowery words 🙂 ).

Reasoning- Practice questions on age, direction and distance, seating arrangement and Venn diagram. They are almost asked in every competitive exam. You should also work on your speed. Try learning or making your own short cuts to solved a particular set of question. This is the part where you can not cram anything. All you need to do is to apply your brain and get done with the question and that isn’t a difficult task. Check out more tips on how to prepare for reasoning section.

We hope you would have understood the basic logic. To prepare well, a continuous and steady preparation of six months for banking and Grade II examination and one year for Grade I examination is required. As to what to study and how to study we keep adding relevant content on the website regularly, so keep visiting and exploring the website. If you have any questions please write to us at support@manyog.com, and we will be happy to provide you the necessary guidance.

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