Indian Forest Service is one of the 32 main civil services. It is an important career choice and offers attractive positions, career growth and remuneration. Forestry is an ideal career choice for nature lovers, especially forests. The job requires physical and mental alertness, spirit of adventure, a scientific temperament, curiosity, practicality and patience.


Indian Forest Service plays an important role in supervision and management of forest. An Indian Forest Service Officer takes care of the vast forest resources of the country. He assists in its conservation and protection from illegal poachers, loggers, grazers etc.  The task of a Forest officer involves following:-

  • Protection of existing forests and wastelands
  • Wildlife protection
  • Verifying the cutting of trees where required
  • Agro-forestry ( Planting of trees in agricultural regions
  • Farm Forestry (Planting of trees in farms)
  • Community Forestry (Plantation in villages)
  • Ornamental Forestry (Plantation of trees for decorative purposes)
  • Urban Forestry (Planting of trees in towns and cities)
  • Research and training
  • Development of forests and wildlife sanctuaries to protect existing flora and fauna
  • Encourage Eco-tourism
  • Spread awareness about deteriorating forest cover and need to preserve forest resources
  • Provide consultancy services in industrial, agricultural field etc.

Procedure to Join Indian Forest Service

Aspirants can apply for the Forest Service Examination on the UPSC website on advertisement of vacancies. Clearing of Civil Services Preliminary Examination is required to be eligible for a job with the Forest Service. The candidates are required to apply together for the Civil Services Preliminary and Forest Service Examination. The basic requirement for the examination is graduation in Science and the entrance examination which includes a paper in Science.

The candidates who make it to the merit are then called for a personal interview to assess their suitability for the service. This is followed by and medical and endurance test.


On selection the candidates are sent for foundation training to Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration at Mussoorie followed by specialised orientation training for the Forest Service at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy at Dehradun. Here they are trained on wildlife management, tribal welfare, soil conservation, forest management, engineering survey and weapon handling. On completion the persons undergo on the job field training for one year in the state to which the candidate is allotted. They are employed as Forest Officer in various roles with Ministry of Environment and Forests and various Forest Corporations.

There is a probation period of 4 years. During this period they are posted as Assistant Conservator of Forests. On completion of this period they are posted as Deputy Conservator of Forests or Divisional Forest Officers in charge of Districts/Forest Divisions. The rank and career graph of the Indian Forest Service is as follows:-

  • Assistant Conservator of Forests
  • Deputy Conservator of Forests
  • Conservator of Forests
  • Chief Conservator of Forests
  • Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
  • Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) in the state
  • Director General of Forests at the Centre (Highest post attainable and selected from senior most PCCFs of the states.

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