Most job postings are written to weed out weaker candidates and not attract stronger ones. The Employers assume that there is an excess supply of top people who have an economic need to apply. Also that such people are willing for a job change and agreeable to endure a demeaning and impersonal process. This is incorrect as there are few outstanding performers who meet these conditions. It is therefore recommended to not to go for skills-infested job descriptions and boring job postings.

Writing Job Posting to Attract the Best

Avoid Internal job description as it is against common sense and basic Marketing 101. No law requires a company to publicly post these job descriptions. Consider that a job posting is a marketing advertisement designed to attract people; it’s not intended to be a barrier to entry. When job descriptions are written to attract people and not weed them out they are extremely useful in finding the perfect fit for the job.

While writing job postings and emails, capture the magic in the job by emphasizing what the person will be learning and doing and what he or she could become if successful. This is how you attract the best people. When preparing job descriptions, find out the employee value proposition by asking the hiring manager, “Why would a top, fully employed person want this job?” Then ask, “What are the 2-3 things this person must accomplish over the course of the first 6-12 months in order to be considered successful?” Then convert this into a story. The story is what you’ll post or send as part of an email.

Break free from traditional and ineffective job postings by thinking like marketing people. Understand why a top person would find your job worth considering and capturing this with a compelling title, a punchy open line and an exciting career story.

Once you start seeing stronger candidates, avoid getting into box-checking mode, evaluating skills and experiences and determining the person’s salary requirements. This will nullify everything instead engage in a conversation and look for the Achiever Pattern. You may ask The Most Important Interview Question of All Time. This is how you keep the spirit alive and hire some remarkable people. It starts by defining the magic before you define the magician.

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