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We offer the Employers and Recruiters the option to make their Job Postings alive on our web portal through our ‘Post a Job‘ page. The listing can be manually added and monitored. The listing on our website gives your Job Posting the additional advantage of world-wide visibility on thousands of Job sites, in addition to our own Manyogjobs portal. This helps you to get the response of more talented persons for the Job and help in your endeavor to get the best qualified person for the Job profile.

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Being social is no longer an option. Everyone is online now, which means you need to make sure your recruiting efforts make it there as well. And we are not just talking about a stream of tweets with job descriptions, we are talking of the web advertisements. Manyogjobs knows a good quote goes a long way, and has major sharing power. There are millions of metaphors we can apply to hiring, but one of our favorites is comparing dating to finding a job or hiring. With that comparison in mind – let’s all take a second to ask ourselves how do we court a mate? There are lots of answers but one thing companies need to keep in mind is that they have to make themselves attractive to candidates. When you’re courting a candidate you need to pull out all the stops, including awesome job ads. The companies need to get extra creative, and extra clever – and to meet the person of their dreams (in hiring terms of course)………………………………………………………..

You may consider putting a challenge to filter serious candidates in a job ad. If you provide a challenge only serious candidates will take the initiative. That means your job ad has already done some of the filtering and selection group for you.

But before putting your ad to work we would recommend your having a look at the following articles:-

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You may select the right plan from our customized offerings for your requirement. You may view our offered plans here.

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